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Double Dragon Neon

The game files are packed in .pak files, in order to unpack them you need:
- Quickbms (
- and a script you'll find here:
If you have the PC version of the game you have to edit the first line of the script from "endian big" to "endian little" (without the quotes).

If someone doesn't know how to use Quickbms:
first of all download and unpack the tool, after that copy the script, create a text file and paste the text into it, now save the text files as <somethingYouLike>.bms (for example
Now execute Quickbms, some selection screens will appear, in the first one select the .bms file you created before, in the 2nd screen select the .pak file you want to unpack, in the third select the output folder (where you want to put the extracted files).

If you've done things correctly, between the extracted files there will be some gr2 files, these are the models!
Now, since .gr2 isn't a nice format, we need to convert it to a more useful one!
To do that another tool is needed, grnreader! Download it and unpack the .exe and the .dll somewhere you like.
Now open the cmd, drag the grnreader98.exe on it, write a blank space, drag the .gr2 files you want to unpack on cmd, write another space, write "-a -r" and hit enter.
The final command should be something like this:

The result is a new .smd file where the gr2 was, .smd files con be opened with some 3d editing programs, personally I use Milkshape, but you can use the one you prefer.

For the textures, they are included in the .gr2 files, but there isn't a proper tool to extract them!
I have 2 ways to extract them, use the one you prefer:
1 - Use Texture Finder, it's a bit complex if you've never done these kind things, anyway that's a tool useful to find images embedded in any type of file.
2 - Use Granny Viewer, it a tool that open .gr2 files and lets you to see all the models and textures packed in it, but it doesn't give you the option to export things, so search for the textures in the tool and use the stamp screen button!